Acumin rocks into the USA

Acumin, an international information security and information risk management recruitment specialist, which has been delivering expert advice and assistance since 1998, is now expanding its operations into the US market.

The recruitment agency, which is comprised of a number of specialist consultants, delivers a comprehensive range of services across a number of platforms, catering for all sorts of professionals looking to enter the industry, change direction or move up.

This includes governance and compliance; penetration testing, forensics and intrusion analysis; technical security; business continuity management; sales engineering and executive management. Inclusive it most certainly is.

One of the things that distinguish Acumin as a quality recruitment specialist is its experience in the business. Let’s take the US director Jeff Combs as a case in point. With a decade of personal and professional development at Alta Associates in information security recruitment to boot, Mr Combs knows the business inside and out. He spreads his knowledge wide and fair, regularly contributing to CSO Online, the ISSA Journal and SC Magazine’s Skills in Demand.

As such, you can be confident that you’re going to get tailored, accurate and thorough advice, with jobs that are, in a sense, bespoke to what skills you have and where you want to go.

Below is a list of some of the positions waiting to be snapped up by either US residents or Brits looking to move abroad. As you can see from this selection, there is breadth and depth in the jobs available. For more information, visit the website.

Software Services – Product Manager (Chicago, Illinois)

Candidates who are looking to lead the charge in developing software to the exacting needs of a client, will surely agree that this position is one that will interest them greatly

One of the absolute requisites for this position is knowledge and ability to produce a product backlog, with experience in delivering quality assurance procedures.

Along with the skills to engage and work with a wide group of people – from clients to managers to team members – it is essential prospective applicants have a knack of developing swift prototypes and concepts accurately.

IT Security Architect (Sheboygan, Wisconsin)

This brilliant position will suit a talented, proactive and energetic individual looking to add vigour to their career.

You have to be a go-getter, enterprising, with the skills to find, track and manage a variety of security risks and shortcomings that can compromise the integrity of a network.

Ideally, the candidate will be a seasoned pro with a degree to boot. The employer is looking for someone who has spent at least ten plus years in the business, a decade of becoming rather au fait with IT security systems and networks.

Senior Security Consultant (San Francisco, California)

Can you add a tick to the following: CISSP certification? SANS GIAC (GREM, GWAPT) certification? Certified Ethical Hacker certification? Well then, you might be interested in the following job in the fantastic city of San Francisco.

You’ll be working with the crème de la crème of the business, delivering mobile assessments, network and penetration tests and source code reviews, among other things.

As such, the client is seeking a professional with a minimum of three year’s worth of mobile assessment experience; to be savoir-faire in scripting and tool development (for example, Python and/or Ruby); and experience in consultancy in information security.


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