The men in white hats

White hats; the good guys,
They are the folks that really care,
On a rally, all for charity,
Raising finance with natural flair.

All are dare devils; true thrill seekers,
To them skid pads provide no fear,
They will drive the oddest vehicles,
A strange experience they will share.

Who would think that Geeks could do this?
The men and women who by day,
Keep the black hats from your data
So that you all may safely play.

The real winners are the children,
Barnado’s gets to keep the cash.
As the chariots burn out their message
Wheels of fire make one last dash.

So if you see them, give them money,
As they drive through middle earth,
Watched by Brummie Orcs and Goblins
Faces filled with joy and mirth.
Dave Brooks, vice president at Credit Suisse, has kindly penned a charming, expressive and astute poem on what The White Hat Rally is all about. There’s a career in the art of rhythmic verse for Mr Brooks should he consider it because the poem really hits home what this event is all about.
To deconstruct the narrative of the prose, the participants of the charitable cannonball-esque adventure, which takes petrol head enthusiasts and adventure seekers on a scenic tour across the UK, will this year be raising cash for Barnado’s. Well, when we refer to the attendees as being zealous motorcar aficionados, we perhaps embellish. They are not as ardent as say a Fast & Furious character but, they are jovially enthusiastic lovers of cars nevertheless.
This event has caught the attention of the actress Tina Hobley, The UK actress best known for being in Coronation Street and Holby City. As an ambassador for Barnardo’s, a well-known children’s charity, she appreciates the importance of such an event. Beyond the fun, the dressing up of cars, the wonderful lingering conversations after a long day’s drive and the opportunity to network, there is the very real and positive outcome – the raising of funds which help make a difference.
“I hope everyone taking part in the White Hat Rally has a fantastic time,” Tina has said. “I wish I could join you as it looks amazing. I hope you blaze a trail for Barnardo’s and raise lots of money for a cause that’s very close to my heart.”
There are a few ways you can help. You can either get your inner “Vin Diesel on” and bring together a motley crew of brooding car aficionados from your workplace, donate some cash or kindly sponsor the event.
We at Acumin are participating because one, we like to have fun, two, we love road trips, three, we believe in the charity, and four, we love a good catch up with the InfoSec community. We would be thrilled for you to join us on this amazing journey through a beautiful slice of picturesque England. Note, the last date for registering is 11th May, so put your foot to the metaphorical pedal and get things organised.
White Hat Rally is on the look out to add more corporate sponsors and trust us, it’s worthwhile. You get to promote your brand to relevant people in the information security industry, you get to network with likeminded people and you get to do your bit for charity. There are now two packages to choose from: bronze (minimum donation of £350), or silver (minimum of £1,000). The Gold package has recently been snapped up by NCC Group, so please get in touch if either Bronze or Silver are of interest.
Everyone’s a winner. With faces filled with “joy and mirth”, who can say no?
The event runs from June 22nd to 24th.
For more information, visit the official website or give them a tweet over on Twitter and see our earlier post here.
Equally, get in touch with Gemma Paterson, marketing manager at Acumin and White Hat Rally Committee member. She can be contacted at or and is more than happy discuss sponsorship details.
P.S. Although we utterly adore Only Fools and Horses, three-wheeled Reliant Regal vehicles, a thing of understated beauty if ever there was one, are not allowed. You got to have four wheels. It’s a tough world, we know.


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