Getting in on the conversation

Nowadays if you’re not on a social network site like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, you are seen as someone who is not with the program. It’s objectionable to some people, an affront even – why on earth wouldn’t you be connected?

This is an age of information, of conversation, both digitally and in person. We’ve never had so many channels through which to communicate with one another on such a grand, open scale. From one corner of the world to another we can navigate intelligent discourse on anything and everything, quickly and in person. The flow of content has never been so easy.

With this in mind, some hints and tips for security professionals looking to ‘get in on the conversation’, are as follows.

If you’re not already on a social networking site, then now is the time to sign up. While that may indeed be unlikely – we like to think you’re relatively informed about the virtues of such sites, personally and professionally – it is worth reiterating.

None of the above are absolutely essential – there are an abundance of social networking sites out there, equally good, though not all that well known. Some will be relevant to industry – like an intrepid explorer, hit Google and have a search. While we’re here, do have a look at Google + – it’s definitely one hell of an innovative platform to converse online.

However, the advantages of connecting on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are that they are all extremely popular, have a huge following – implying you can network much more efficiently through these channels – and they excel at what they do. So get liking, tweeting and linked in.

Through such digital networks we can create opportunities for real world interaction. Sign up to mailing lists and follow key initiatives like RANT. In doing so, you open up doors for all sorts of instances where you can meet peers, learn off one another and create opportunities to progress in one’s career. You’ll also be abreast of the latest happenings in the business, whether that’s new reports, blue sky thinking or upcoming conferences discussing the future.

It’s all about fostering a collaborative – and indeed open – environment. As security professionals working in a digital age, we have to be at the forefront of technological innovation, forward-thinking and keeping an ear to the ground. Don’t get left behind.


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