A little RANT Poetry!

I think I would call this fan mail! Thanks to all our RANT
Risk and Network Threat Forum
members for your dedication and support over the years.
Come and join our RANT,
Come expound your views,
There’s everything for risk folk,
From technology to news,
We get together monthly,
To drink and chew the fat,
We listen quite intently,
Now what’s so wrong with that?
A speaker with a slide show,
Stands up and takes the floor,
If the subject piques our interest,
We won’t show them the door,
But heckling is so de rigueur,
Within our fabled band,
We stand and shout opinions,
With a pint held in our hand,
So tell your friends; come one, come all,
Come join the RANT and have a ball,
If you have heard the clarion call,
If Managed risk is how you roll.

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